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20 Jan 2016

Dog's medication not being administered as requested

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This review is in regards to medication administration during our dogs care at Coolangatta Pet Motel. Last week we had our 3 pets boarding for a week. Our new dog was in for the first time, along with our older dog and cat who have boarded with the pet motel many times in the past. The new little dog, Millie, has only been with us for 6 months and so the circumstances of her adoption, history, training and medication was explained over the phone and on the day the pets were collected for their stay. Our little Millie is under Vet care and has a daily medication for Anxiety. The medication was given with verbal and written instructions that she was to have half a tablet, each morning, with food. The pets were returned after their 8 night stay, to family members. As i wasnt able to hear the report on how theyd gone and was concerned about Millie's behaviour, i followed up with a phone call to inquire about the collars and how Millie was during her stay. The dogs had been returned with each others collars on. I was assured that they were just put on like that for the trip home, and did not wear the collars during their stay. I was concerned that Millie's medication hadn't been given as instructed, as she was displaying certain anxiety behaviours. I was ok with the explanation that the collars got put on wrong dogs just for the drive home. After the pets last stay stay, they forgot to return the cat's VET script food. And we had to wait 2 days for its return! No problem! We are easy going people and just happy that the pets were cared for, and had a good time. But script medication is serious and should be followed as per instruction!! I emailed a polite inquiry as to why this *as required* was written on the medication- medication that was marked "daily". I wanted to know why only 3 doses were given over 8 days in the motel. The medication must be given orally, every 24 hours. It can take weeks to work. It takes 6-8 weeks for a vet to determine if it hasn't worked! The drug needs to be reduced slowly and under vet guidance. A sudden increase or decrease in the drug can cause severe behavior changes. And when the time comes to discontinue the use of this drug, its a gradual decrease- not an abrupt stop! This specific medication is used as part of a treatment plan, It is not "the" treatment. The response to my email was from [a staff member], and stating that he had in fact written *as required* on Millie's medication. He said "In his opinion she is just a very active dog who loves attention and wants to play- and he didnt know how she was diagnosed with anxiety". I am very proud that we have been successful in managing this dogs rehabilitation, training and management of her condition, and that this is what he saw. She is what she is from our bloody hard work! Our ongoing training and desensitization over the last 6 months. This pet motel has absolutely no right what so ever to interfere with a dogs prescription medication. She has now had her medication abruptly stopped, without her owners permission, without her Vets knowledge or care. We are left with a dog that has severely regressed. When i expressed my opinion that it wasnt up to him to over ride the instructions given, without consulting myself, or our vet, i was told that all future bookings would be cancelled! No apology given. I am appalled. I am absolutely appalled, and astounded at the arrogance in the communication in regards to this.

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